Below are a list of resources that you might find useful, I have.

1. 25 Super Cool Math Board Games: Easy-To-Play Reproducible Games That Teach Essential Math Skills by Lorraine Hopping Egan

The games are reproducible, fun and are linked to concepts that we teach every year. They are applicable to any classroom organisation or home schooling. 

The rules are not complicated, how often do games look good but when you try to play them with a group they've lost interest and enthusiasm because they don't understand what they have go to do. Not so here.

2.  Key Stage 2/3 Numeracy Games: Maths Activities and Games for Ages 5-14: Jumpstart! by John Taylor

This covers pupils from ages 5 to 14. Slightly different from my other recommendations as it has puzzles quizzes, investigations, games and ICT activities. 

One reviewer particularly liked the preponderance of kinesthetic games. Plenty of ideas to pep up your teaching, or leaning.

I could have chosen any Vivian Lucas book to include here. 

Most are geared to an older age group but as always any competent teacher can use a good idea to their advantage. 

Once you've used this you'll use it again and again and again. I bought my own copies because getting them out of others hands was always difficult.

5 out of 5 stars from 5 reviewers on Amazon!

A source of different ideas and inspiration for all Maths teachers. 

As one reviewer on Amazon said
'Mike Ollerton is a real inspiration for any maths teacher who is interested in making their pupils think as well as showing us just how enjoyable it can be (for the teacher and pupil alike).' 

Well worth investigating and reasonably priced.

5. The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets by Simon Singh

I would recommend any book by Simon Singh but as Maths teachers this has to be a must. Use parts of it to illuminate your lessons and if you can tie it in with a video clip - magic.

6. Developing Key Stage 3 Numeracy: Calculations Year 7: Activities for the Daily Maths Lesson (Developing Numeracy) by Kroll and Mills

A fabulous set of books that cover all attainment levels from reception to year 9. Photocopiable, so lesson preparation becomes so much easier. Highly recommended.

7. A great resource that kids love is The Multiplication Tables Colouring Book: Solve the Puzzle Pictures While Learning Your Tables (Back to fundamentals) It has been a brilliant friend to me over the years. I highly recommend his for use at home and in the classroom as a great tool for reinforcing and consolidating knowledge.

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