Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Equations - your cut out and keep guide

Equations – your cut out and keep guide

Knowing what an equation is vital to progress in maths. This is a simple exercise in basic numeracy which can lay the foundations for future progress. and takes is a step removed from the normal worksheets.


Give each pupil, or pair of pupils, as set of cards, five of them with numbers on two with the + sign, one with – on and one with = . Alternatively give them a sheet with the numbers and operations on and let them cut the cards.
Equation building cards


Demonstrate how the cards can be used to make equations, the pupils will have the strong desire to call them SUMS but try to insist they are equations because one side equals the other. The students are to now make up as many equations as possible., they do not have to all the cards but cards cannot be repeated. Their results are to be written down. Perhaps give them a time limit the challenge is see how many they can make. Or ask for 20 equations to be made.


Change the numbers, increase the numbers or restrict them further.

Change the operations, add a multiplication sign or division.

Add a card with an x on it. The rules are now to make equations but they must have an x . They are then to record their results. They then swap their results with a neighbour. The partners have to mark each others.

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